Unravel The Wild Side Of Your Bedroom Interior – Rugged Rustic Bed Designs


The rustic style is often embraced by people willing to set new vibes to their home. But what is rustic design?

A combination of multiple styles

In its essence a rustic design is not one particular style. Many styles can be thrown under this name. Farmhouse decor, Tuscan-style estate. You name it.

The trick is to do it correctly, otherwise the interior design might become dark, unwelcoming and heavy.

Some main components (or key ingredients if you will) for a successful rustic design will be needed.


Let’s get this straight from the beginning. The emphasis should be on natural.

Mainly organic materials such as wood and stone are used, also different kinds of fabrics. These materials can be found both in furniture and in the design of the house itself – either it’s a wooden table or a stone wall.

Moreover, these materials more often than not are in a more natural state compared to some modern design styles. The wood won’t be glossy, it will have an unfinished feel to it. These sort of things achieve the so called “natural” feel.

Modern is out. Or is it?

If you want to go hardcore rustic – throw out all the modern stuff.

But a more popular approach is to go contemporary rustic. It’s a combination between a minimalist modern design with earthy fashion. This is a deadly combo for design junkies.

We can look at it as a contrast – the heavier and darker rustic design with a more light and airy modern design.

It amazing how beautiful designs you can achieve by combining these styles.


Overall rustic design is..

Those are earthy colors. It is a style with an emphasis on rugged, natural beauty. Nature-inspired textures.

If done correctly rustic design will feel fresh, light and grounded.

We will publish more tips and tricks on how to make interesting rustic designs – we will go more in depth. So stay tuned.

Let’s look at the three Rustic Bed designs trending for this summer.

Industrial Wood and Metal Bed

The vibrant gray wash color will give a rustic vibe to your bedroom. The metal frame with bolts is an old-fashioned accent.

We recommend adding a complementing carpet that will generate a true rustic atmosphere in your bedroom.

It’s super easy to assemble the bed – for anyone.

Check the bed on Amazon.

Plank and Metal Bed

Dreams will become sweeter when you let this bed take you to the dreamland.

This beautiful plank design will be an extraordinary addition to your bedroom interior. This rustic style bed will fit nicely in a modern house or an old-fashioned one. It all depends on how you manage to combine different interior design elements.

We suggest to match the bed with a stylish night lamp. It might turn out to be an overwhelmingly good combo.

Check the price on Amazon here.

Amolife Rustic Bed

A new life will begin for you when you install this bed in your bedroom. It’s a design masterpiece that truly resembles the meaning of a good rustic design.

The expressive wood with metal elements will make your home look fancy and expensive.

Check the prices on Amazon here.

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