Top Kitchen Sink Trends In 2020 – Update Your Farmhouse or Modern Style Home


Kitchen sinks are often overlooked kitchen hardware items in terms of overall kitchen design.

You can find many design masterpiece sinks that will bring a whole new look to your kitchen.

Designing the whole kitchen takes a lot of time and energy – you’ve chosen the correct flooring, cabinets, appliances and countertops. When it comes to choosing the hardware there is no energy left.

And that’s understandable.

Unfortunately, in many cases the hardware is bought in a hurry and without giving any thought to it.

But choosing the right kitchen hardware can make the whole difference in having a well designed kitchen.

Antique Copper Sinks – Everything New Is A Well Forgotten Old

Many professional Farmhouse designers have introduced copper sinks. Because of that they are enjoying resurgence in the country. And it’s understandable because with the right design elements they truly look amazing.

The brownish copper color doesn’t jump out of the overall kitchen context but stands out just enough to give your kitchen a very good vibe.

And honestly, copper sinks have been introduced to many modern design kitchens as well.

You can look at the sink from picture above on Amazon here.

Our Choice – High quality Sinkology Sinks:

Made from the highest quality pure copper available. Sinkology offers also high quality cleaning products for their sinks, high-performing drains and non-scratch scrubbers.

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Granite And Quartz Sinks – The Established Value In A Kitchen

Granite and Quartz sinks are maintaining their popularity as the material of choice for kitchen sinks. It’s durable, good looking and comes in a variety of colors.

Just look at the Black Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink above – it looks solid. It’s a great addition to any modern kitchen because it makes a statement.

Black finishes are growing in popularity among products in kitchen hardware.

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Shop the looks:

Workstation Sinks – Perfect For Busy People

The Ruvati Workstation Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink comes with a wood cutting board, colander and dish drying rack. Making this into something more than a sink that just holds your dirty dishes.

It can be used as a prepping area and it will also eliminate the need for a separate dish rack.

Many farmhouse style homes are embracing a more modern look and installing workstation kitchen sinks.

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