Best Farmhouse Design Ideas On A Budget For Your Home


Back in the day I used to live in a big city with a quite expensive rent. It was a time when most of my money went towards it. And it wasn’t a surprise that I had no funds for expensive decorations to make my home look nice and cozy.

I got very good at finding good deals online and also I learned a lot of hacks to make nice DIY home decorations for a Dollar or less.

In this post I am going to look at what can we find for a good price if you wanted to decorate your home in a Farmhouse style. In next posts I am going to look at how to make DIY decorations at a Dollar or less.

And honestly, I must admit that I liked when my home looked expensive. My friends always told me how much they fancied my apartment.

If you look at the following home decorations and use them at home, rest assured that your friends will want to know more about how you designed such a fancy home.

The following ideas are affordable design elements that look great and that you might prefer instead of making some DIY stuff at home. But if you prefer DIY stay tuned for future posts.

The Classic Farmhouse Style Letter Board

This grey letter board with the white rugged frame is a great accent to your living room or kitchen. I’ve seen people not even putting any letters on the board because the board itself looks nice and adds this feel to your home.

You can experiment by putting it in different rooms to see where it fits best. And a good idea is to write some very short but powerful quote on the board.

Check it on Amazon here. Prices are good.

Vintage Industrial Farmhouse Style Vase

This vase was something new to me actually. And I love how it looks. It not only adds this farmhouse element to the design of my home, but also an industrial vibe. I ordered it last week and I think it looks great!

If you want to be more adventurous with the Farmhouse style home decor ideas, try this vase and let me know how it looks in your home.

Check it on Amazon here.

Wall Shelf – Use It In Kitchen Or Living Room

Again, this will nicely fit in either your farmhouse style kitchen or living room. Maybe even bedroom.

I really love plants and I think it’s great idea to keep some indoor plants in this shelf. Of course, books would also look great.

If you need ideas for indoor plants, check my post here: It’s Time To Breathe – Plants For Cleaner Air That Will Look Good In Your Home

Check it on Amazon here.

Plants Again – A Centerpiece Of Home Decoration

Yes, something with plants gain. Don’t be tricked, though. It’s not a flowerpot. It’s flowerpot with fake lavender.

I know it’s not ideal – real plants would have been better. But as we know not all places are right for live plants. This is a beautiful decor that will make your home look more lively.

Check it on Amazon here.

Whitewashed Wood Wall-Hanging Towel Ladder

Let’s finish this list with something for your bathroom. If you go Farmhouse style, go all the way. Bring this nice whitewashed towel ladder to your bathroom.

I think there is nothing more to add. It looks great, serves its purpose. I think it would go together very well with dark gray’ish walls. Let me know how you implemented this towel ladder into your bathroom.

Check it on Amazon here.

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