4 Experts Share DIY Home Manicure Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Awesome DIY Manicure At Home Hacks

DIY Manicures Everything You Need To Know

With this pandemic that is going on I’ve learned quite a few new skills.

I am very risk averse and I choose not to interact with other people unless it’s completely necessary. The lock down situation has been really hard on my daily routine. I’ve used to go to a hairdresser once per 3 weeks to once per month.

Now, I’m not doing that. Thankfully a close friend of mine is a hairdresser and can help me out. So the hair is not really a problem.

But what about other things? Gym classes? What about my dancing lessons? No dancing lessons, right?

After some mild depression because of the new way of life and after 5 or 6 empty ice-cream buckets I decided to take matters in my own hands and not give up on the manicure at least.

Yes, I decided that I will try to do manicure at home for myself. It will not only help me avoid interacting with other people but also save me a lot of money.

Is DIY Manicure Doable?

I had quite a few doubts about this idea at first. I have this bad habit of wanting everything to be perfect. Can I make my manicure at home to look perfect?

Well… the ones that don’t take risks, don’t drink Champagne. This is a saying that my friends always pull out if I’m too “boring” and I try to play it safe.

Regarding the manicure thing – I started by doing a research.

I read all the blogs and other materials I could find on this topic and I summarized my findings from these experts and their recommendations on how to do an awesome DIY manicure at home here:

Marble Nail Art

Source: www.popshopamerica.com

The Pop Shop America is food, drink and DIY tutorial blog which has been featured in the respectable Business Insider, Thrillist & More.

They are publishing a lot of quality content and among the many articles is a genius DIY Manicure tutorial.

They suggest that if you are looking for gorgeous pops of color and swirls of color on your fingernails, you must try the Nail Polish Marbling. Every nail will be different and this makes it so much fun!

All you need is a few simple supplies.

Check the full tutorial here.

DIY Gold Leaf Manicure

Source: www.popshopamerica.com

These gorgeous looking gold leaf nails can be made at home. Just follow this simple tutorial here.

All you need is just a Quick Dry top coat, A toothpick or small wooden cuticle pusher, imitation gold leaf, polish and a nail file.

Nail Art From Pixar’s Up!

Source: www.disneydreamco.com

She is sharing a fun and playful nail design that she found on Pinterest. It’s a Disney inspired manicure that brings a Disney flair into your daily life.

Check out the full tutorial here.

Classic DIY Manicure At Home

Source: www.twokidsandacoupon.com

Do you know how to do a classic manicure at home? Here’s how to treat yourself without having to head out or spend extra cash.

Check out the full tutorial here.

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DIY Manicure How To Get A Professional Manicure Without Going To The Saloon

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